• Advantages for Academics and Students

  • Karabuk University Technology Development Zone Opened

  • Realize the Possibilities of the Technology Development Zone

Research Development Opportunities

Take your place in our new and modern Technology Development Zone on the campus of Karabük University.

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We are moving towards making the Republic city of Karabük an R&D center

.We serve with incubation centers, R&D offices, modern infrastructure and research and development laboratories in the Technology Development Zone of Karabük University.

Technologies that Make a Difference

At in the Karabük Teknokent

Our Support to Our Students

Young entrepreneur students who want to do R&D realize your dreams in the pre-incubation center.

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Karabük Technology Development Zone Statistics

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Turkey Growing Technology Base located within the sectoral distribution of Karabük Technopark firms

This project is supported by the Western Black Sea Development Agency within the scope of the 2018 Guided Project Support.

Only Karabuk University Technology Development Zone is responsible for the content of this document. The West Black Sea Development Agency or the Ministry of Industry and Technology cannot be held responsible in any way.